Cynefin - glasshouse paintings

The chosen title of Picturemakers first collaborative exhibition, Cynefin, had particular resonance for me as someone now closely involved with computers and knowledge management. Wikipedia, not always a trustworthy fount of knowledge, but currently fairly accurate in this area, speaks of Cynefin thus:
The name Cynefin is a Welsh word which translates literally into English as 'habitat' or 'place'. A more correct translation would be the sense that we all have multiple pasts of which we are only partly aware: cultural, religious, geographic, tribal etc. The name seeks to remind us that all human interactions are strongly influenced and frequently determined by our experiences, both through the direct influence of personal experience, and through collective experience, such as stories or music.
Cynefin in the sense of computer software is a framework, freely available to all, which defines five ways of making sense of a complicated world. For me, drawing and painting and meeting regularly with my 'Critical Friends', the other Picturemakers is my personal Cynefin framework, my way of making sense of my very varied and pressured working world.
My paintings in this exhibition drew upon sketches made one of the university glasshouses, a magical place where winter becomes summer and time stands still and the glasshouse cat snores quietly in the corner - until watering time!
I hope you enjoy them.
Glasshouse II (above) is for sale. The other two paintings illustrated on this page are now in private collections.