Who's Who & Contact

Tina Mogg

Tina is SSYI's female support worker. She has been involved in various youth clubs across south Cambs in recent years and was a part of setting up the Duxford youth club. She a valued member of the team with a wide range of skills and understanding for young people.


Without volunteers supporting the projects SSYI could not afford to run them. Each volunteer brings a new skill and perspective to the projects and is an invaluable source of information.

Volunteer Youth Workers

Anand Pillia
Norman Masey
John Godfrey
Altab Miah
Clive Ayling
Mark Ross-Innes
Kevin chapman

Committee members who also volunteer:

Chris Cooper
Mary Lester
David Jones
Stephen Lee

Committee Members

Without a dedicated committee, made up of volunteers, SSYI would not be able to operate. The committee members offer clear direction and valuable experience. All offer a unique skill set and without them SSYI wouldn't be where it is today. We have committee members representing all the churches and parishes which SSYI covers

Chairman:                              David Jones
Vice Chair:                            Joan Church
Secretary:                             Polly Stanton
Treasurer:                             John Greaves

Committee Members:          Chris Cooper 
                                            Stephen Lee
                                            Mary Lester
                                            Ann Cullen