Overview: The Senior Project at Sheldon High School provides a unique opportunity for students to select a project of interest to them in order to challenge themselves and put to work the skills they've learned throughout their K-12 education.  The Senior Project is comprised of four parts, including a research paper, 15+ hour project, portfolio, and presentation.  For more information, please click on the tabs above for specific details and documents relating to each part of the project. 

Upcoming Senior Project Events/Deadlines: 

Next SP Date/Deadline: 

On-Campus Advising Meeting #3
Wednesday, March 29th 
MUST have a mini-board presentation prepared to give to your Advisor!

Senior Project Pictures!

Please send pictures of you doing your Senior Project to Brian Pham on loopmail.  Make sure to include your name, ID#, brief description of your project, and the picture!

Senior Project Logs and Evidence 

At this point, you should be working on completing your project hours.  As you do so, make sure to log all of your work and keep all of your evidence.  Here is the link to the log template: 


     - You must open the document and click "Make a copy."  
     - The copy will save in your googledrive and you can type your logs!