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BDG Shirts by Urban Outfitters

The BDG brand was sold exclusively by Urban Outfitters, but all of these shirts are long out of production. 
Hit your local Goodwill, thrift stores, and use good search terms on eBay and you might get lucky.

Green on blue, angled/striped tee


 S02E02  S02E13      

Grey w aqua, yellow stripes

 S01E07  S02E03      

Black on aqua striped tee


Green on green stripes


Fractal red on gray


Blue dot stripes on gray

 S10E10  S02E03  S03E14    

Yellow Accent

 S01E12  S02E06  S02E13  S03E12  

Spectrum on grayy

 S01E12  S02E17  S03E21    

Black w gray stripes


Toxic Stripe

 S01E13  S02E06  S03E07  S03E20  

Primary Colors



 S02E02  S03E01      

Brown/Blue Stripes


Red/Blue thick stripes

 S02E14  S03E14      

Black, Grey, Cream Stripes

 S03E07  S03E07      

Grey/Green Stripes


Black stripes on black


Maroon with pin stripes


Gray/Aqua Stripes