Throttling with a Magura


These high quality potentiometer throttles are a world apart from the cheap chinese throttle that come with ebike kits. They do require a bit of work to use with a controller made for hall effect throttles; if used stock, the voltages won't match up and there will be a dead spot where throttle movement does not incur a response. What you need is to make it so the throttle varies in voltage between 1v and 4.2v (or whatever range your controller uses.)  You will need to use a 1k or 1.2k resistor in series with both the ground and 5v line going to the throttle to do this.
This is wrong. Use a 2k or 2.2k resistor and a 2k pot to fine tune it. With 1k resistors there will be a large dead band.

Pot and resistor in series. Careful with the legs of the pot. The break easily.

Once you plug everything in and check that there is no dead bands, wrap it all up with tape or shrink.

You may also disassemble the throttle and manually adjust the potentiometer to play with the range.

Using standard sized grips with these can be a problem as they are a bit larger.


I soaked the original grip in VERY hot soapy water to get it off. Then I did the same with the new grip plus a little bit of lube.

It was a very tight fit and hard to do, but I managed it with the help of some rags for grip.