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Shelanna Sturgess

Hi my name is Shelanna Khethiwe Sturgess (nee Macdonald).

 I have been working with information communication technologies (ICT) integration strategy and online learning development since 2011. I believe that ICT is rapidly transforming society and education and I am passionate about how ICT can be used to improve education in a cost-effective, engaging efficient manner.

I am also an a/r/tographer (an artist/researcher/ teacher). I consistently develop new online education resources and platforms as well as researching the impact of ICT on education. I am currently working on an MTech Research Paper on how ICT can be used to create a culturally inclusive empowering pedagogy that presents education for the new South Africa in a cost-effective, interactive manner. I beleive education needs to achieve the Consistution's aims of opening the doors of culture and learning to all, integrating South Africa into the family of nations and healing the divisions of the past. I have written three textbook stories as part of my research (Story Textbooks) and I am currently developing a series of educational games (https://goo.gl/cxy9bI)

I am in my sixth year of teaching art (to see more about how I teach art open Art Teacher). I believe that Arts and Design are central to enhancing products 

I am married to a wonderful man named Frank Sturgess. 

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