Aim and Scope
The main aim of the 

Shekhar (N.S.) Int. J. of Sci. and Tech.

is to publish refereed, well-written original research articles, and studies that describe the latest research and developments in the different  areas of Science and Technology. This is a broad-based journal covering all branches of Science ,Engineering and Technology and their interdisciplinary research.

Editorial Board

Instructions to Authors

                    All submission must be made by e-mail attachments Manuscripts must be prepared in PDF FORMAT or in MS WORD.



File format for the text are MS-Word, PDF or any version of TeX.

Title : 14 pt. font size, bold, Align Centered ,first letter of first word capital.

Received : Month, Date, Year ; Accepted : Month, Date, Year, (To be provided by us)

Arrangement of the text

Abstract (200 words) : Heading setting left hand margin of the column in 10 pt. font size, with paragraph 8 pt. font size

Keywords : Heading 10 pt. bold starting at left hand margin , each word (maximum of 5 words) 8 pt. normal separated by '/'.

Headings : in 10 pt. bold set in the left hand margin.

Subject Matter : 10 pt. normal starting with paragraphing , gap between the lines single for running matter and double gap after the paragraph.

Equations : 10 pt normal should be composed in Corel Equation/Equation Editor.Equations centre setting.

Subheadings : 10 pt. Bold, aligned with running matter and running matter be paragraphed.subject starts just after the sub-subheading.

Tables : Tables should be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals, have self-explanatory title .

Figures : All figures must be prepared in a form suitable for direct reproduction.

References : References should be arranged in alphabetical order, by the first author’s family name, styled and punctuated as in the example below .   References should be given in 9 pt. normal.

Examples are given below

Journals :

[1] G.J. Crane and J.Van der Hoek,(2008): Conditional expectation formulae

for copulas, Australian New Zealand Journal of Statistics, 50,1, 53-67.

[2] D.J.G. Farlie, (1960): The perofrmance of some correlatiion coefficient for a

general bivariate distribution, Biometrika, 47, 307-323.

Books :

[1] H.Joe,(1997): Multivariate Models and Dependent Concepts, New York:

          Chapman & Hall.

        [2] M.E. Johnson,(1987): Multivariate Statistical Simulation, New York: John

Wiley & Sons.

[3] R.Nelsen,(2006): An Introduction to Copulas, New York: Springer.

Header of even Pages

                                                                                      The name(s) of the author(s)

Header of odd Pages (Except Title Page-First Page)

Title of the Paper

Author's Name (s) : . Authors Name starts from the left hand margin with 'single 'gap between authors' 10 pt. font size followed by, 'and' before the last author.

Address : 10 pt. font size . Address starts from the left hand margin with 'single 'gap between authors' name and address.

      Email IDs : 10 pt. font size , setting at the left hand margin

Note: Any change of addresses or e-mail addresses should be immediately informed to the Editor-in-Chief  
    We can not accept any surface(postal) mailed manuscripts. Manuscripts should be submitted
by e-mail only complexgeometry18@yahoo.com with a Cc to Dr. Sushil Shukla (ss123a@rediffmail.com), Editor-In-Chief, as an attachment in MS WORD.

                   Authors should suggest four names of Referees with their complete Mailing, e-mail and contact addresses. No manuscript will be returned. Hence authors are requested to retain a hard copy and a soft copy with them. Submission of a paper implies that it is original and it will not be submitted elsewhere untill the rejection from this journal.

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Shekhar (N.S.) Int. J. of Sci. and Tech.

welcomes exchange agreements. Proposals for exchange should be sent to Editors-in-Chief

Shekhar (N.S.) Int. J. of Sci. and Tech.

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