Paediatric Acupuncture

Most people are surprised to learn that children and babies can benefit from Acupuncture, often with quicker responses than adults. Sheira is trained to treat a number of conditions including - asthma, frequent coughs and colds, vomiting, digestive issues, night terrors and bed wetting.

Some parents also use Acupuncture to assist any conventional treatment the child might be having, or to reduce their reliance on medication. Or they may have a condition which orthodox medicine is unable to cure or can only partially help.  Others are brought simply because their parents believe they are not thriving as much as they should be.

Is acupuncture the right treatment for my child?

If you are not sure whether acupuncture is the treatment of choice for your child and their particular condition, please give Sheira a call.  If she doesn't think we can help, she will always try to suggest someone else who can, e.g. a cranial osteopath, homoeopath, western doctor.  

We also know that children don't like pain! That is why we use "the gentle needle technique", which is an almost pain free method of inserting acupuncture needles.  There are some other differences in the way we treat children which make acupuncture an appropriate treatment for them:

  •  we use very few needles
  • the needles we use are incredibly fine
  • up to the age of about 7, needles are inserted and withdrawn immediately so the child does not need to stay still for any length of time. 

For the small minority of children who are genuinely frightened by the idea of needles, we have other techniques up our sleeves:

Sheira places a high degree of importance on lifestyle advice and will always discuss with the parents any changes she thinks may help your child.