Fertility and IVF support


Sheira has completed extensive additional training to help support couples in their journey to parenthood. If you are trying to conceive naturally, require support during IVF or suffer from frequent miscarriages, endometriosis, PCOS, Acupuncture is a holistic, natural therapy that has been shown in numerous studies to help address these issues. It can support and nourish your body from conception to childbirth. 

Acupuncture can improve egg and sperm quality, increase endometrium lining and enhance implantation and reduce stress hormones. In a recent study published in Human Reproduction it has been demonstrated that stress increases the risk of infertility. Sheira understands how stressful it can be for couples who are struggling to conceive especially when the cause is "unexplained". She works with her clients to find ways to reduce stress, make healthier lifestyle choices and how to use diet and food as a tool. Sheira also ensures the advice suggested does not over-burden her clients or are too excessively restrictive as this may lead to further stress, rather she suggests changes that are easy to implement and highlights those that are having a negative impact on health and fertility.


There are many studies showing that having Acupuncture pre and post transfer increases the incidence of implantation and conception. Many IVF clinics support these findings and will often accommodate their client's desire to have their Acupuncturist perform treatment before procedures by providing a treatment room or facilities to have an Acupuncture treatment. Sheira provides mobile services for those clients who wish to have treatment before their procedures. 

At Sheira Chan Acupuncture we operate a flexible appointment system for clients who are going through IVF to avoid charges for late appointment cancellations or changes due to unforeseen glitches in their treatment protocol that are beyond their control.