Cancer Support

Acupuncture is an excellent, supportive therapy to include in your cancer treatment plan. As a natural, holistic therapy it works by rebalancing your energy without the need to add additional chemicals to your body. 

Conventional treatments for cancer include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. These treatments whilst very effective can cause many side effects including residual pain from surgery, delayed healing, nausea, hot flushes, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, stress relief. Acupuncture is effective for helping patients manage these side effects whilst they undergo treatment.

Acupuncture stimulates nerves signalling the brain to release chemicals such as endorphins, which are natural and powerful painkillers. Reducing the need for additional pain medication. It also works in a similar fashion to reduce inflammation by stimulating the body to release chemicals that naturally reduce inflammation. Recent research studies are consistently demonstrating that Acupuncture is effective for helping with these side effects. 

I volunteer with the Fountain Centre a charity for cancer patients, their families and carers located in St Luke's cancer unit at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford. The Centre offers advice, counselling and a wide range of complementary therapies including Acupuncture. My patients are constantly reporting that their Consultants and Oncology nurses have recommended Acupuncture to help with hot flushes, insomnia, pain relief and relaxation.

I have gained a wealth of experience through my volunteer experience.


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