Sheira offers private treatments in two locations

  Wimbledon Town Centre (Broadway) or  Esher Gardens, SW19 (Parkside)


Sheira Chan

T: 0776 109 2904


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I am terrified of needles. So much so I can faint at the sight of one. But Sheira made me feel so at east that my needle phobia didn't arise. I didn't even seen one. I was amazed. I've used acupuncture to help fall pregnant, balance my hormones and settle my menstrual cycle, ease labour pains, help take away colds and congestion, even an eye infection. It totally revives me and I feel a complete sense of balance. Sheira practices 5 element acupuncture. She focuses on your overall wellbeing including your emotions. The first session is 2 hours but I felt like I had let go of so much tension through just talking to Sheira. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Amazing!

Tish Dodson, Yoga teacher