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'Cultural mosaic' VS. 'Melting pot'.

a. Cultural mosaic definition: 

"Cultural mosaic" is the mix of ethnic groups, languages and cultures that co-exist within society. The idea of a cultural mosaic is intended to champion an ideal of multiculturalism.

List pros and cons:


• People are more tolerant of other ethnics

• Better for immigrants

• People are allowed to practice their own culture

• People are more likely to learn English

• People feel welcomed

• There is more recognition to minority groups

• The ideas from diversity of view-points will strengthen the host country

• A greater chance that the immigrants will fight for their host country

• Attempts to create unity through difference

• Provides the public sense of free speech

• Democratic

• Can help separate conflicting groups

• Economically beneficial to immigrants and the host country


• people are not very unified

• loss of culture of the host country

• It highlights difference and can increase hate crimes

• It is less successful because of having to do with problems of social cohesion, conflict, and even violence

• encourages damaging claims to victim-hood

can cause the false mashing of identities 

b. Melting pot definition:

The melting pot is a metaphor for a heterogeneous society becoming more homogenous the different elements "melting together" into a harmonious whole with a common culture. It is particularly used to describe the assimilation of immigrants to USA; the melting-together metaphor was in use by the 1780s.

List pro's and cons:


• People are more unified

• Already unified in time of crisis

• Increase standard of living

• Can provide indigenous peoples with skills to succeed

• America demonstrates that assimilation can succeed\


• People are less tolerant of other ethnics

• Example of assimilation is with the First Nations

• Enforces English, which leads to rebellion

• People are expected to shed their own culture

• Loss of many characteristics of absorbed group

• Forbids any formal governmental recognition being given to groups of different kinds.