Vote Sheila Brothers for Staff Representative to the Board of Trustees

Accomplishments since 2010 include:

Elected Board Secretary, a mark of the respect other trustees have in me;

Established practice of speaking at New Employee Orientation;

Initiated staff trustee presentations to supervisors at SuperVision sessions;

Offered staff viewpoint through service on Regulation Review Committee; and

Participated and voted in Presidential Search.

6-11-13: Thank you, everyone, for your interest and participation in the staff trustee election! I am thrilled to be selected by my peers to serve staff employees for another three years.

Please look over the these pages to find out more information about me and how I serve you. I urge staff to contact me about any questions, complaints, concerns and suggestions. My contact information is at the bottom of this page

Thank you for your support.


For over the last decade, I have supported staff participation in governance activities. I consider it an honor to represent my staff colleagues on the Board of Trustees.

 I ask for your vote to continue to serve as your Staff Representative to the Board of Trustees.

Staff employees are
an integral part of the University of Kentucky and help fulfill its missions every day. We support student success and retention initiatives; as such, staff deserve a strong representative on the Board of Trustees.
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Our ideas are important because we are on the front lines of teaching, research and service every day. Although some staff may wear scrubs, some wear suits and some wear overalls, all of us contribute daily to the success of the University. It is important for members of the Board of Trustees to be reminded of the staff's role in UK's excellence. I believe staff employees will be best served by my continued representation of staff interests.