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PLI Events

Protected Learning Initiative 2018/2019

Why do we do Protected Learning Events?

The aims and objectives for PLE were agreed by the CCGs Commissioning Executive Team in 2015
  1. To support the delivery of the CCGs commissioning priorities around quality, safety, and effective, value for money services - hence running events on topics such as safeguarding, infection control and new clinical pathways
  2. To target training for primary care teams in areas where the public health and other data demonstrates that Sheffield is an outlier in performance and so improve services
  3. To share experience of actual clinical practice and real learning and development needs, as well as reinforcing the CCGs expectations around what constitutes best practice
  4. To be a "shop window" for the CCG, demonstrating its commitment to support and work with its members, and to improve care for patients through effective and collaborative work
Who Should Attend?

Most PLI events are suitable for both GPs and Practice Nurses.  Some events are specifically aimed at nurses and may also include education for Health Care Assistants (HCA)

Cost and Access

Free to Practices (cost of event plus clinical cover funded by the CCG)

Training is advertised through the weekly e-bulletin emailed to all practices, with an Eventbrite link to sign up

Up and Coming Topics!

There are no PLI Events planned for January 2018

Please watch this space for upcoming planned PLI Events for 2018

For any further information, please email:

Upcoming PLI Events:

posted 22 Dec 2017, 02:02 by Elective Care Sheffield CCG   [ updated 21 Jun 2018, 05:31 ]

3 July  2018


1.         Cancer Update Event 3rd July 2018:   Primarily aimed at GPs  - This event is now fully booked

  •  Update your clinical knowledge on key topics such as Prostate Cancer diagnosis
  • Learn about the new pathway for vague symptoms which will be launched in Sheffield
  • Expand your knowledge of local cancer support and information organisations in the voluntary sector, where you can signpost your patients for support
  • Raise your awareness of the new Bowel Cancer Tests

Agenda Items:

  • Test your knowledge - Cancer Scenarios and Quiz (led by Dr Anthony Gore, Clinical Director for Cancer, NHS Sheffield CCG)
  • Vague Symptoms - how should a GP respond?  (Dr Lucy Walkington Consultant Medical Oncologist, System Anti Cancer Therapy Lead Clinician and Cancer of Unknown Primary Lead Clinician, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS FT)
  • Safety Netting Update - (Ben Towler, Cancer Research UK)
  • Cancer Hot Topic:  Prostate Cancer diagnosis - to PSA or not to PSA?  (Professor Jim Catto, Urology Department, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS FT)
  • The Introduction of FIT (Faecal Immunochemical Testing) for suspected Bowel Cancer  (Dr Anthony Gore)
  • We are making a difference (The Picture on Cancer Keeps on Improving)

Venue: Sheffield Wednesday Football Club  Registration: 13.15-14.00 hours  Start/End: 14.00-17.00 hours

This event will be available to book from 1st May 2018 via this link: Eventbrite: Cancer Update PLI



2.         Practical Skills for HCAs 3rd July 2018:  Aimed at Health Care Assistants

This event will include plenary sessions and interactive workshops to support your learning needs

Please note the workshops are offered as a refresher and do not replace the training courses normally offered within these areas of expertise:  

You will be asked to choose 2 out of the 3 workshops offered to attend on the day

  • What matters to you? - Led by Eileen Hall, Commissioning Manager for Person Centred Care, NHS Sheffield CCG
  • Just Ask:  Could it be Sepsis? - video to raise your own awareness - Introduced by Anne Baird, Nurse Practitioner/Commissioning Liaison Nurse - Porter Brook Medical Centre/Sheffield CCG West Locality
  • Understanding your Clinical Accountability as a HCA - Maggie Sherlock, Senior Quality Manager, NHS Sheffield CCG
  • Blood Pressure Update and Pulse Checks (workshop)
  • Injection Techniques - (workshop)
  • Diabetic Foot  - led by podiatry team - (workshop)
During Refreshments - we will have two interactive demonstrations:
  1. Urine Testing
  2. Hand Washing Techniques

This event is now available to book on Eventbrite:  HCA Event Link

     Venue:  Holiday Inn, Royal Victoria Hotel  Registration: 12:45-13:15 hours Start/End:  13:15-16:30 hours


August 2018                                                                          

No Events are planned for August 2018 – Summer Holidays


5 September 2018                                                              


1.         Infectious Disease/Infection Control Event 5th September 2018: 

Primarily aimed at GPs and Practice Nurses/Practice Pharmacists



2.         Practical Skills for HCAs 5th September 2018:  Topics to be confirmed 

     Venue:  Holiday Inn Royal Victoria Hotel  Registration: 12:45-13:30  Start/End:  13:30-16:30  


3.         Cancer Awareness Event – 5th September 2018: with Guest Speaker from St Lukes: 

Aimed at GPs, Practice Nurses/Practice Pharmacists and HCAs

     Venue:  Event Details TBC


4.         The Future of Primary Care  for Front Line Staff: 5th September 18   Aimed at Reception and Admin Staff

Event to be confirmed and format for the afternoon

     Venue: to be confirmed  Registration: 12:45-13:30 hours  Start/End: 13:30-16:30 hours


2 October 2018                                                                    


1.         End of Life Care Event  2nd October 2018:  Primarily aimed at GPs


Topics to be confirmed but may include:


·         End of Life care in COPD, heart failure and dementia

·         Care Planning at the end of life, including talking about the dying persons wishes and talking to family and loved ones

·         The role of the GP in liaising with care homes and end of life planning

·         Pain Control

·         De-prescribing towards the end of life

·         DNACPAR guidance "Respect


Venue: Sheffield Wednesday Football Club  Registration: 13.15-14.00  Start/End: 14.00-17.00



2.         Skills for Managing Complex Patients:  Primarily aimed at Practice Nurses


Topics to be confirmed but may include:


·         Preventing acute kidney injury

·         Detecting Sepsis

·         Interpreting blood results

·         Overlapping conditions

·         Complex medication regimes

    Venue:  Double Tree Hilton, Sheffield Registration: 13.15-14.00  Start/End: 14.00-17.00


3.         Primary Care Front Line Staff 2nd October 2018:  Aimed at Reception and Admin Staff  Knowledge Update

     Venue:  Platinum Suite, Sheffield United Football Club  Registration: 13:00-13:30 hours  Event: 13:30-16:30 hours



6 November 2018                                                               


1.      Mental Health/Learning Disability Event on 6th November 2018:  

        Primarily aimed at GPs and Practice Nurses/Practice Pharmacists


Venue: Sheffield Wednesday Football Club  Registration: 13.15-14.00 hours  Start/End: 14.00-17.00 hours


 2.         Signs of Safety Event (Serious Incident Framework) on 6th November 2018:  

        Primarily aimed at Practice Nurses/Practice Pharmacists


Venue: Sheffield United Football Club  Registration: 12:45-13:30 hours Start/End: 13:30-16:30 hours


 3.       Macmillan End of Life Event – 6th November 2018Guest Speaker - Dr Pauline Love – further details to be confirmed

        Protected Training Event aimed at GPs, Practice Nurses and HCAs


Venue:  The Quadrant, Parkway Industrial Est, Sheffield Registration:  12.45-13.15 hours Start/End: 13.15-16.00



5 December 2018                                                               


1.         Safeguarding Event 5th December 2018: Primarily aimed for Practice Adult Safeguarding Leads and GPs

    Venue: Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Registration: 13.15-14.00  Start/End: 14.00-17.00


2.         Safeguarding Event 5th December 2018:  Aimed at Nurses and HCAs

     Venue:  Sheffield United Football Club Registration:  13:00-13:30 Start/End:  13:30-16:30


January 2019                                                                        

No Events are planned for January 2019


February 2019 – date to be confirmed                      


1.         Prescribing Update Event:  Primarily aimed at GPs and Nurse Prescribers/Pharmacist Prescribers


The Mystical Art of Modern Prescribing – including de-prescribing


Venue: To be Confirmed Registration: 13.15-14.00  Start/End: 14.00-17.00 


March 2019 – date to be confirmed                           


1.         Maternity/Childrens Event:  Primarily aimed at GPs and Nurse Prescribers/Pharmacist Prescribers

     Venue: Details to be confirmed Registration: 13.15-14.00  Start/End: 14.00-17.00

    *NB  All Topics are subject to change, and will be updated accordingly nearer the event dates

To contact our team please email us on:

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