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PLI Events

Protected Learning Initiative 2018/2019

Why do we do Protected Learning Events?

The aims and objectives for PLE were agreed by the CCGs Commissioning Executive Team in 2015
  1. To support the delivery of the CCGs commissioning priorities around quality, safety, and effective, value for money services - hence running events on topics such as safeguarding, infection control and new clinical pathways
  2. To target training for primary care teams in areas where the public health and other data demonstrates that Sheffield is an outlier in performance and so improve services
  3. To share experience of actual clinical practice and real learning and development needs, as well as reinforcing the CCGs expectations around what constitutes best practice
  4. To be a "shop window" for the CCG, demonstrating its commitment to support and work with its members, and to improve care for patients through effective and collaborative work
Who Should Attend?

Most PLI events are suitable for both GPs and Practice Nurses.  Some events are specifically aimed at nurses and may also include education for Health Care Assistants (HCA)

Cost and Access

Free to Practices (cost of event plus clinical cover funded by the CCG)

Training is advertised through the weekly e-bulletin emailed to all practices, with an Eventbrite link to sign up

Up and Coming Topics!

There are no PLI Events planned for January 2018

Please watch this space for upcoming planned PLI Events for 2018

For any further information, please email:

Upcoming PLI Events:

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6 November 2018                                                               


1.      Mental Health/Learning Disability Event on 6th November 2018:  Primarily aimed at GPs and Practice Nurses/Practice Pharmacists


Making A Difference - Working to Reduce Inequalities for people living with PD/LD/SMI & ASC

Registration & Refreshments: 13:15-14:00 hours

Event Runs: 14:00-17:00 hours

AGENDA: (subject to change)

Plenary Session:

The Dementia Pathway

Gambling Awareness


Physical Health Serious and Enduring MI and Learning Disability Workshop

Personality Disorder/Complex Trauma

Aims of this event:

Provide GPs with updates on the current evidence-based treatments

Share best practice care pathways

Current ‘Top 10 tips’ from a GP/Primary care perspective

Workshop Information:

Physical Health Serious and Enduring MI and Learning Disability Workshop:

The delegate should be able to:

  • Have an understanding of common health problems which are more prevalent in SMI and LD
  • Understand the health inequalities that lead to a 20 year mortality gap
  • How to address these in practice
  • Be a whizz delivering the LD DES/Annual Health Checks and Health Action Plans
  • Access Social Care Pathways
  • Apply STOMP principals in medication
  • Demonstrate practical ideas to share with others as examples of good practice eg including with care planning and use of LTC templates

Personality Disorder Workshop:

The delegate should be able to:

  • Define what is PD and alternative nomenclature/aetiology
  • Bust ‘myths’ about labelling and beliefs about PD and the impact of stigma
  • Understanding the development of personality disorder within a biopsychosocial model
  • Understand how childhood experience contribute
  • Explore how teams can learn to understand and manage the emotional & ‘volume’ impact of working with people with PD
  • Critically appraise the role of Medication (if any!!)
To book onto this event please click the following link to Eventbrite:  Mental Health & LD PLI Event Booking Link:

Venue: Sheffield Wednesday Football Club  Registration: 13.15-14.00 hours  Start/End: 14.00-17.00 hours


 2.    Signs of Safety Event (Serious Incident Framework) on 6th November 2018:  

        Primarily aimed at GPs, Practice Managers, Nurses and Practice Pharmacists


Venue: Sheffield United Football Club  Registration: 12:45-13:30 hours Start/End: 13:30-16:30 hours


12.45-1.15  Registration

1.15-1.30    Welcome and Introductions (Mandy Philbin, Chief Nurse)

1.30-2.00    HCA Myth Busting - Parameters of Safe Working, Accountability, Delegate (Gill Coverdale, RCN Professional Lead for Education)

2.00-2.30    Safer Together - Recording and Learning from Patient Safety Incidents in Primary Care (Sabina Khanom, NHS Improvement)  

2.30-2.50   Refreshments and Stalls

2.50-3.30   Human Factors - Debbie Clarke, Senior Lecturer Sheffield Hallam

3.30-4.20   Root Cause - SEA - Case Study

4.20-4.30   Close and Evaluations

Please click on this link to place your booking :  Sign Up To Safety Booking Link  


 3.      Macmillan End of Life Event – 6th November 2018Guest Speaker - Dr Pauline Love 


Protected Training Event aimed at GPs, Practice Nurses and HCAs

The Changing Story of Cancer: Presented by Dr Pauline Love


How cancer was and how we have moved on :-

The story of cancer is changing. People with cancer are living longer after their diagnosis than they did 40 years ago. Cancer is increasingly about living with cancer, and there are many people experiencing issues that require support several years after an initial diagnosis and treatment.

Macmillan’s research reveals that the number of people living with cancer diagnosis in the UK is 2.5 million (in 2015) and is set to rise to four million by 2030.

What’s in store for the future?! .. come along and learn more from our guest presenter Dr Pauline Love

Registration: 12.45-13.15

Event: 13.15-16.00 hours

Refreshments will be provided at this event

Please click on this link to book your place:  Changing Story of Cancer Booking Link


Venue:  The Quadrant, Parkway Industrial Est, Sheffield Registration:  12.45-13.15 hours Start/End: 13.15-16.00

4.         Practice Admin and Reception Staff - West and HASL Localities Event:  6th November 2018

     Venue:  Double Tree Hilton, Sheffield Park, Chesterfield Road South, Sheffield S8 8BW  

     Registration: 13:00-13:30 hours  Event: 13:30-16:30 hours


13:00-13:30      Registration and Refreshments

13:30-15:00      Becoming a Dementia Friendly Practice/Neighbourhood

15:00-15:10      Comfort Break

15:10-16:10      Universal Credit - what it is, what people have to do to claim, likely problems

16:10-16:15      Evaluations and Close of Event

Booking Link now live - please click here:  Admin & Reception HASL and West


5 December 2018                                                               


1.         Safeguarding Event (Childrens) - 5th December 2018: Primarily aimed for Practice Safeguarding Leads and GPs

Venue: Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Registration: 13.15-14.00  Start/End: 14.00-17.00

Available to book now on this link:  Childrens Safeguarding booking aimed at GPs


2.         Safeguarding Event (Childrens and Adults) 5th December 2018:  Aimed at Nurses and HCAs

Venue:  Sheffield United Football Club Registration:  13:00-13:30 Start/End:  13:30-16:30

Please click on this link to book your place:  Nurses Safeguarding Booking Link


January 2019                                                                        

No Events are planned for January 2019


6th February 2019                    


1.         Prescribing Update Event  including de-prescribing:  Primarily aimed at GPs and Nurse Prescribers/Pharmacist Prescribers


Further details to be confirmed


Venue: Sheffield Wednesday FC Registration: 13.15-14.00  Start/End: 14.00-17.00 

2.  Nurse Event (Details to be confirmed)

Venue:  Sheffield United FC  Registration 13:15 - 14:00  Start/End 14.00-17.00


March 2019 – event/date to be confirmed                           


    *NB  All Topics are subject to change, and will be updated accordingly nearer the event dates

To contact our team please email us on:

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