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Past PLI Events

List of 2019/2020 Events below:

GP Event: Current Issues for Sheffield GPs - your local update!

posted 12 Jul 2019, 03:06 by Elective Care Sheffield CCG   [ updated 12 Jul 2019, 03:08 ]

This event will bring you up to speed on local developments and new clinical issues including Lower GI 2 week wait referrals, Cancer Update and Perinatal Mental Health.

Workshops included MSK, Beyond MUS and the Future of Primary Care 

Resource links: Perinatal Mental Health



Positivity video shown at the event

This event took place on 10th July 2019

Leading Change and Adding Value for Local Patients: Clinical Update and Neighbourhood Showcase Event

posted 12 Jul 2019, 02:54 by Elective Care Sheffield CCG   [ updated 12 Jul 2019, 03:08 ]

Aimed at Practice Nurses, ANPs and HCAs

We will be hearing from local speakers on the following topics:
  • Primary Care Networks /neighbourhoods/long term plan??  - what’s happening, what does they mean for you and your patients?
  • New roles in primary care – what will that look like and how you can influence it and make the most of opportunities
  • Respiratory health and diabetes – hear from your colleagues about new developments and top tips
  • Launch of the Sheffield General Practice Nurse Transformation Strategy –  Get involved
This event took place on 10th July 2019

Preparing for your CQC Visit - A Practice Manager Event

posted 12 Jul 2019, 01:39 by Elective Care Sheffield CCG   [ updated 12 Jul 2019, 02:37 ]

Learning Outcomes:

  • 'What  outstanding looks like' including top tips
  • Inspection process/Telephone call inspections
  • Record Management
  • CQC Registration Process and Legal Requirements
  • Enhanced understanding of the Framework for Managing Performance, Quality and Safety within Practice
  • Greater clarity around your responsibilities as a Practice Manager in terms of CQC Scrutiny - particularly the 'well-led' elements of inspection

Guest Speakers:

Katherine Haggart CQC Inspector, South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, Tracy Green from Primary Care Commissioning Community Interest Company, Top Tips from a Local Practice Manager 

This event was held on 10th July 2019

Resource links available:  

Supporting Carers in General Practice: Supporting Carers in General Practice

Driving Improvement Case Studies from 10 GP Practices:  Case Studies CQC

CQC key lines of Enquiry, prompts, and ratings characteristics for healthcare services:  Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOES)

CQC - Annex E:  Offences Chart: Annex E: Offences Chart

CQC Statutory Notifications:  Statutory Notifications

CQC Telephone Questions from April 2019:  Telephone Monitoring Questions

Cancer Awareness Event - The Recovery Package - The Way Forward

posted 11 Jul 2019, 08:48 by Elective Care Sheffield CCG   [ updated 12 Jul 2019, 02:35 ]

A fantastic interactive presentation by Dr Pauline Love, Macmillan GP Advisor

Aimed at GPs, Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Practice Nurses

Learning Outcomes:

  • An introduction to the recovery package
  • Increase confidence on how to deliver a meaningful and effective cancer care review
  • Provide evidence of the effectiveness of holistic cancer care reviews
  • Empower patients and carers to improve their quality of life
  • Improve the quality of the patient experience by offering a person-centred cancer care review
  • Potential reduction in unnecessary (inappropriate) G.P appointments
This event took place on 10th July 2019

Infectious Disease/Infection Control for Practices Nurses & ANPs

posted 23 May 2019, 07:03 by Elective Care Sheffield CCG   [ updated 23 May 2019, 07:10 ]

This event took place on 15th May 2019, within the Tony Currie Suite at Sheffield United Football Club

1.  Sepsis - Kirsty Goddard - GP at Porterbrook Medical Practice

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Refresh understanding and relevance of considering sepsis in primary care consultations
  2. Safer face to face assessment
  3.  Remote triaging:  how to protect patients (and ourselves) under pressure

2.  Wound Car Update - Kim Drewery, CNS, TVN, Manor Clinic

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Updated understanding of differing wounds and the cause
  2.  Recommended treatment and stages of wound healing
  3.  Patient factors ie medication, age, nutrition, malnutrition, underlying disease
  4.  Infection control – including wound assessment, factors, process, diagnosis and treatment
3.  Immunisation Update - Katie Markham, NHS England

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Have an increased knowledge and awareness of childhood 0-5 years immunisation uptake at a local level and changes to the 0-19 programme
  2. Be able to identify opportunities for working with local partners to help reduce inequalities in uptake
  3. Increase knowledge and awareness of the Measles and Rubella elimination strategy

Infectious Disease/Infection Control Event for GPs

posted 23 May 2019, 02:11 by Elective Care Sheffield CCG   [ updated 23 May 2019, 08:04 ]

This event took place on 15th May 2019, held at Sheffield Wednesday FC

Three presentations were given on the day as follows:
The Modern Challenge of Prescribing Antimicrobials Appropriately - Dr Andrew McGinty, GP and Clinical Director, NHS Sheffield CCG

Learning Outcomes:

  1. To test the audience's baseline knowledge of antimicrobial stewardship/resistance
  2. To highlight how antimicrobial stewardship has improved in Sheffield in recent years with examples using comparative data
  3. To highlight non-prescribing options in the management of primary care based infections and how this can help to tackle the threat of antimicrobial resistance
  4. To highlight the new NICE antibiotic guidance and examine how best to use this resource locally
PPI Session - 'Don't Hang Up' - Dr Kumar Basu, Gastroenterology Consultant STH

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Update on the management of reflux/dyspepsia and the new guideline
  2.  PPI and C Diff
  3.  Open access gastroscopy update on referral criteria
Microbiology Update and Community Orthopaedics (E-Coli, C-Difficile/Hepatitis C Update) - Professor Rob Townsend STH & CCG IPC Doctor/Dr Alison Cope. Consultant Virologist STH

Learning Outcomes:

  1. To feedback key points on the C-difficile data from 2017-18 report
  2.  To feedback key points of the E-coli Blood Stream Infection Report on 6 months of data and antibiotic scenarios
  3.  To discuss the possibility of UTI Pathways

 Please find below the slides for this event and a copy of the agenda and Evaluation Report

Mental Health Resource Pack

posted 14 Feb 2019, 06:46 by Elective Care Sheffield CCG

Following the successful PLI event on 6th November 2018

We can now offer you the attached resource pack for information on:

  1. Gambling Addiction
  2. Physical health
  3. Personality Disorder
  4. Dementia Strategy for Sheffield

Plus additional Resources on the above with weblinks - see attachment below

The Art of Modern Prescribing - 6th February 2019 - Aimed at GPs, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, and Practice Pharmacists

posted 14 Feb 2019, 06:32 by Elective Care Sheffield CCG   [ updated 13 Mar 2019, 03:43 ]


 The Mystical Art of Modern Prescribing – including de-prescribing

Learning Objectives for the afternoon
  • Interactive Quiz
  • Setting the Scene
  • Current structure/pharmacy services in Sheffield and future opportunities
  • Role of APG
  • Hot Topics
  • Awards

Polypharmacy and appropriate De-prescribing:  

  • Share and highlight resources to support (PrescQIPP resources on Meds and prescribing section on the intranet) - what is your go to tool?
  • Shared decision making/patient decision aids
  • Start at the beginning -have the conversation about de-prescribing at the start so easier to engage conversation around de-prescribing later down the line
  • Case studies including patient outcomes
  • play video/patients story

1.  Monitoring for success and safety - Eclipse, successes and opportunities.  Cover monitoring outcomes as well as Adverse Drug Reactions.  use DOACs as an example
2.  Optimising the third biggest workforce - Joint session with examples of success of joint working with STHPCSSCHSHSC and pts
3.  Open Prescribing - How to use this resource to prioritise areas for review, to cover; medicines safety searches, cost minimisation, low priority medicines and bespoke searches
4.  Transgender


Please find below all the relevant presentations from this event

Level 3 Safeguarding Event - 05.12.18 Sheffield Wednesday FC

posted 10 Dec 2018, 06:27 by Elective Care Sheffield CCG   [ updated 10 Dec 2018, 06:34 ]

The aims of this PLI are:


Objective 1:     Have an increased understanding of your professional role and responsibilities

Objective 2:     Be aware of how to recognise appropriate Thresholds of Need

Objective 3:     Have increased understanding on how the issues covered have impacted on specific case studies/reviews

Plenary Session:

Sheffield Safeguarding Hub:  Referrals, Advice and Threshold of Needs

The Role of Sheffield Mutli-Agency Support Teams (MAST)

Workshop Sessions:

    1. What about Me Programme and the Sheffield Drug Scene                              Sean Kelly Targeted Interventions Co-ordinator, The Corner
    2. Inspire to Change – For Perpetrators of Domestic Abuse                                Steve Parry and Donna Hackleton, Project Workers, Community Rehabilitation Company
    3. Interchange – Emotional Wellbeing for Young People under 25                       Leah Booker
    4. FGM Risk Assessment Panels – Phase 2                                                         Dr Anna Ramsbottom
    5. Child Death Overview Panel - the process and outcomes of CDOP Reviews   Diane Shahlavi, CDOP Manager

Please find below a copy of the plenary session and the individual presentations for each workshop.  You will also find some resource material that may be useful

Level 2 Safeguarding Event for Nurses and HCAs - 05.12.18 - Sheffield United Football Club

posted 23 Nov 2018, 07:35 by Elective Care Sheffield CCG   [ updated 10 Dec 2018, 06:14 ]

PLI Aims:  

  • Be able to document decisions that are Mental Capacity Act compliant;
  • Improve assessment of risk of harm from domestic abuse;
  • Have increased confidence to make clear and appropriate referrals to safeguarding and domestic abuse services;
  • Recognise that self-neglect is a form of abuse; 
  • Understand how clinicians can support patients who are making risky decisions. 
Please find below a pre event resource pack

The slides and presentations from the event will be uploaded post event

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