The review of a number of documents continues to be underway.  You will notice the re-naming of some documents such as 'Sheffield' being removed from titles and also some documents are being moved to more appropriate parts of the site 

e.g. Haematology Clinical Referral Guidelines can now be found under 

Clinical Guidance as opposed to Referral Forms.

For Medicines and prescribing information and guidance please see NHS Sheffield CCG intranet -

A Document Management Process for the PRESS Portal is now in place to ensure a consistent approach is adopted for all new, existing and those documents under review.  This can be located under 'Resources' in addition to an amended Content Submission Form.

Latest eRS exclusion lists for STHFT and SCHFT are now on PRESS Portal:

If you have any comments or suggestions for improving the PRESS Portal or are experiencing issues in finding documents please email us at: