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Circle Skirt Pattern

Simple Circle Skirt Pattern

By Archean of

Start by measuring your waist. This will be the circumference (C) of your skirt. Highschool math taught us that:

C = 2*pi*r 

(where pi is 3.14)

I have simplified the math and taken into account the general stretch factor you want by saying multiply your waist circumference by 0.15 to get the inner radius of your skirt

Once you've found out your radius, cut a piece of string to that length. Using a pin on one end and a pencil on the other, draw a circle. Then figure out how long you want your skirt to be. 

Anything shorter than 10" will look quite short. Add that length to the original radius and cut a second piece of string to the new length. Draw a larger circle around the original circle. So now you'll have two circles drawn, with the area inside the two circles being the latex for your skirt. You'll also want a waistband to hold up your skirt. 

I used a 2" thick band for mine. For this, just cut a straight length of latex, 2" (or however thick you want) wide, and the same length as your hips circumference.

To save space, I used 4 panels on my skirt - so I cut up the circle into 4 equal parts, or 90 degree segments. If you decide to use panels (That's what I have shown in the diagram), you can seam them together with straight lines (remember to mark your seam allowances in gel pen). I didn't even bother to add seam allowances - the nice thing about circle skirts is that they are very forgiving.

Glue the waistband around the top. 

TIP: It is easiest to glue the waistband on before gluing the final panel together.

All told, it took me about 3-4 hours to make the skirt, including putting some trim around the waistband. I used a thin-gauge latex - 0.33mm - so that it would drape nicely.

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