About me...

Myself, Sheetal Petkar. I am currently working as a Lighting Technical Director at Rhythm & Hues Studios, India. My hometown is Pune and am currently working in Hyderabad.I have worked as a CG lighting artist on movies like Night at the Museum : Battle of the Smithsonian , Aliens in the Attic, Alvin and the Chipmunks : The Squeakuel , Marmaduke.

My Hobbies/Passions :
Dance - my passion. Having learnt BharatNatyam for 3 years and Kathak for 1 year, i have recently done the basic level of Salsa. Love dancing on stage..That is something i really miss a lot and crave for it..

Photography and Digital Painting - I started learning photography and digital paintings when so many of my colleagues at Rhythm & Hues inspired me..Since then I've been learning and experimenting.

Filmmaking - Its now that i have developed a great interest in filmmaking. As a process of learning i have been a part in making two music videos. My areas of interest in filmmaking are particularly Direction, Cinematography and Editing.

I love what i do..These are somethings that give me peace..Wanna keep learning more and doing much more..:)

48 Hour Filmmaker: Mumbai 2011

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