void shinyfy(fonts& f){

Patch for Blender's interface text rendering (mostly for FTGL) 

This is the current version of my patch for blenders interface text rendering. At present, the outstanding issues include:

  • The patch only works on all platforms because of dubious GL_BGRA hacks for windows (penguins and apples are fine)
  • I need to do lots of profiling
  • FTDataGlyph needs cleaning up, as do the ugly floor()s and ceil()s all over the place in FTGLCachingFont. 
  • The cache has quite a lot of collisions at the moment, which means that occasionally completely the wrong text string gets drawn.
  • sometimes textures that are still in use will be freed, (an aggressive response to previous problems, where textures were being leaked), leading to blank spaces where text should be
  • Still lots of things to tidy up, and lots of profiling to do.

So, you've been warned, so here is the patch:shinyfonts-25-November-07-internal.patch  (I wasn't going to release this version, but its been a while)

Incidentally, blender will also spit out cachestats.text in the current directory, and append cache statistics to it each time it is run.  

And here is a lovely screenshot of it in action, because of Google's silly force-everything-to-be-a-jpeg attitude, you can't see the sub pixel hinting very clearly, unfortunatly: