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As with chickens it can be difficult to decide which breed of sheep to start with. The main points to consider are:

  • How big will they get
  • How easy are they to handle
  • How much land do you have available
  • How well enclosed is the land
  • Do you want to breed from them
  • What time of year will they lamb
  • Are they easy to lamb
  • Are they good mothers

Initially we were keen to keep rare breeds. That was until I discovered the Lleyn breed. You may have correctly guessed that this breed of sheep originates from Wales and was up until recent years an endangered breed. However, its numbers are now increasing as mainstream farmers and smallholders alike have discovered the advantages this breed has to offer. These include:

  • Hardy - survive well in the wild Scottish winter
  • Easy lambing
  • Good mothers + lot of milk production
  • High rate of twin lambs
  • Good growth rate

They can be a bit bouncy when handling them, but they are also partial to some concentrate and some of our sheep are tame enough to handfeed which makes handling them a lot easier.

Once you've decided on a breed that you would like then you need to find out where to get some sheep.