Welcome to the online home of Sheena Seeks Gardens, a bespoke garden designer based in Edinburgh. I aim to create bespoke tailor made gardens with each with a unique and exclusive design.

As well as designing a unique garden I like to be involved in the construction and planting of every garden if possible to retain the original intention and integrity of the design. I also often follow up with after care of the gardens or maintenance when suitable.

Style and Philosophy

Every garden should be an expression of the place and the people who live there. The design of a garden should be for the time and the place it is designed for. But should also have built in the capacity to change and evolve over time. One of the reasons I try to create low impact gardens whenever possible using recycled materials and include certain objects found on site.

Most of my work is in small urban spaces. These pockets of open ground I consider to be an essential life line keeping us in touch with nature in our busy stressful lives. These can often be barren meaningless spaces which I love to transform into rich fulfilling habitats. This can mean a number of things according to individual wishes and lifestyle. A garden can be a space to chill out after work, a play area for the kids, a plant collectors paradise or a wildlife sanctuary.