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I was born on the Orkney Islands and did a B.Ed degree in Aberdeen. This included 2 dimensional design in textiles and since then I have been interested in exploring the artistic potential of threads and fabrics although I have been sewing since childhood.


Having been a Primary School teacher in Inverness for 30 years, I am now a freelance quilting teacher and teach workshops locally, all over the UK and sometimes abroad.

I also write articles for magazines and my quilts have been featured in several books.


My work has been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally since 1981 and I have won many awards in competitive quilt shows. I also sell my work, cards and postcards of my work and accept commissions.

I am inspired by many things. Some of my work is pictorial and is inspired mainly by Orkney seascapes, birds and Norse myths. These pieces often incorporate symbols and hidden images and require a lot of research.


I am also interested in using quilted lines to create graceful movement, sculptural shapes and decorative patterns. Inspiration comes from relief sculpture, circles, patterns in nature, man made patterns and decoration on other textiles. Most of the lines are free machine quilted, a technique which is my specialty. It is fascinating how the surface of the quilt comes alive with the quilting.

Some of these pieces are symmetrical and some are asymmetrical, some are wholecloth and some combine printing and stencilling or piecing and applique with free machine quilting.

You will see examples of my work in the gallery and if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a piece of work, please contact me by email at


Most of my workshops are one or two day workshops but some can be combined into three, four or five days. I take a maximum of 16 students. If you are interested in a workshop or you would like a more recent list of classes, please contact me by email.

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