Faculty Profile

Dr. Sheeja Agustin

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Marian Engineering College, Trivandrum - 695582

Ph: +91-471-2707111 (O)
Email: sheejabinudas.mce@gmail.com

Date of Joining MEC: 27 September 2004
Professional Experience: Total 13 Years

Educational Profile
  • Ph.D (2016)
    • Information & Computer Engineering
    • Noorul Islam University
    • Certain Investigations on Tissue Segmentation and Classification of Thyroid Ultrasound Images
  • M.Tech (2010)
    • Computer & Information Technology 
    • MS University
    • First Class with Distinction
  • B.Tech (2002)
    • Computer Science & Engineering 
    • Kerala University
    • First Class

Courses handled
Times taken
Digital Image ProcessingPG
Principles of Programming LanguagesPG1
Neural ComputingUG
System ProgrammingUG2
Compiler DesignUG
Theory of ComputationUG2
Fundamentals of Neural NetworksUG
Soft Computing                            
Image Processing                                         Compiler Design
Neural Networks

Research Interest
  • Image Processing
  • Machine Learning

Projects / Theses Guided

  1. Boundary Based Segmentation And Classification In Ultrasound Thyroid Medical Images, Ms. Santhi Krishna M.S, MEC, 2014        
  2. Finger print Detection and classification, Ms. Anjali,2014
  3. Reversible Data Hiding with Lossless Data Embedding Technique for Data Security, Ms. Reshmi R.S, 2015
  4. Dynamic Annotation by Web Database Search Results, Ms. Bincy S Kalloor, 2015
  5. Client Monitoring And Packet Classification In Rule    Based Protocol, Ms. Parvathy M,2016
  6. Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Compositional pattern-producing networks with MRI Images, Ms. Jibi Varghese, 2017


Significant Publications

1.     Sheeja Agustin, S. Suresh Babu ,“Thyroid Segmentation on US Medical Images: An Overview “,   International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering(IJETAE), Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2012,  pp.398-404, ISSN: 2250-2459.

 2.  Sheeja Agustin, S. Suresh Babu ,“A Review of Thyroid Disorder Detection,    and   Classification on Medical Images”, in International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT), Volume-2,  Issue-3, February 2013, pp.88-93,ISSN: 2249-8958.

 3.    Sheeja Agustin, S. Suresh Babu ,“Thyroid Classification as Normal and Abnormal     using SCG based  Feed Forward Back Propagation Neural Network Algorithm  “ presented in  International Conference on Mobility in Computing- ICMiC13 and published in International Journal of computer science and   Mobile computing, December 2013, pp.134-141,ISSN: 2320-088X.

4.    Sheeja Agustin, S. Suresh Babu,” Thyroid Tissue Classification with the Aid of  Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System”,  International Journal of Artificial Intelligence, Volume 1, Issue-1, July 30, 2014, pp.6-11, p-ISSN: 974-0635.

5.  Sheeja Agustin, S. Suresh Babu , “An Improved Thyroid Tumor Segmentation and Classification Approach using ANFIS-AABC, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Volume 9, Number 22, 2014,  pp. 13387-13408 ,  p-ISSN: 0973-4562. (Scopus Indexed).

6.     Sheeja Agustin, S. Suresh Babu , Tissue Classification And Boundary Based Segmentation In Thyroid Ultrasound Images , International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Volume 10, Number 9, 2015,  pp. 21565-21581 , p-ISSN:0973-4562. (Scopus Indexed).

7.      Nora Jobai,Sheeja Agustin,”Automatic Segmentation and Classification of Human Intestinal Parasites using Image Processing” , International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology,Volume 3,Issue 7,July 2014,pp 210-214,ISSN:2278-0181

8.    Bincy S Kalloor,Sheeja Agustin, ”Dynamic Annotation by Web Database Search Results”, International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering,Volume 3, Issue 3,March 2015,pp 2418-2421,ISSN:2320-9798

  9.       Bincy S Kalloor, Sheeja Agustin “ Dynamic Annotation of Search Result from  Web Database ” in   IJRITCC Journal   ISSN:2321-8169,PP:4369-4376,vol.3,Issue 7,July 2015.

 10.    Bincy S Kalloor, Sheeja Agustin "Web Database Search Result Annotations”, International Conference on Recent Innovations In Engineering And Technology, 2015.

 11.    Reshmi R , Sheeja Agustin “Reversible data hiding with lossless embedding technique for data security”, International Journal of Innovative Research Computer & Communication Engineering Vol.03,Issue 7 July 2015,pp 6896-6900.

12.   Parvathy.M, Sheeja  Agustin, “Packet Classification Based Anomaly   Detection In    Message Transfer Protocol” International journal of Innotive Research In Computer and Communication Engineering Vol 4  , Issue 5, May 2016

          13.   Parvathy.M, Sheeja Agustin, “Client Monitoring And Packet Classification In Rule    Based Protocol” International journal of Engineering Science and Computing Vol 6 ,Issue 6, june 2016

14.  Elizabeth J S , Dr. Sheeja Agustin  presented a paper titled “Red Lesion Detection Using Adaptive Global Maximum Clustering Algorithm for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening” in the National Conference on technology Innovation in Mechatronics, Energy Management & Intelligent Communication at Lourdes Matha College of Science & Technology, Kuttichal, TVPM held on 06-04-2017 & 07-04-2017.

15.  Jibi Belghese, Dr. Sheeja Agustin Published a paper titled “Brain Tumor Segmentation by Pattern Neural Networks with MRI images”  in International Journal of Science & Technology and Engineering/Vol 3/Issue 9/ March 2017

 16.  Elizabeth J S , Dr. Sheeja Agustin published a paper titled “Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Hough Transform and Bottom Hat Transform” in International Journal of Science , Technology & Engineering,Volume 3, Issue 10, April 2017