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Coming Soon:  The Scholastic Book Fair at Shedeck!!  November 9-15!

Can't make it to the book fair at school?  Click HERE to shop at our online fair from Nov. 4-17.  Orders will ship to Shedeck and then your student will bring them home.


Are you ready for a CHALLENGE?

We are doing MONTHLY reading challenges for all of our students.  Look for the challenge and reading log in their folders.  Help you child complete the reading challenge and return the form to school by the end of the month.  Each student that returns a form will get to come to the reading party!  We had 92 students meet the challenge for September.  
Let's try to get even more in October!

If you need another copy, you can click on the attachments below and print another one out.  There are English and Spanish versions.

October's reading challenge is due by October 31!!!
   These are our participants                                     for September!!
       PreK Challengers!
                                                   Kindergarten and 1st Grade Challengers!

2nd and 3rd Grade Challengers!

Parents and Students: 

Check out the links to the left.  Click on them to access our fun, educational and safe websites.  Some are activities that are regularly done at school and some are just fun activities that still involve lots of thinking!  

Try to spend a few minutes every day learning something new or practicing a skill that you'd like to improve.

Helpful hints for taking care of our library books:

1.  Keep books away from food and drinks.
2.  Don't let baby brothers and sisters play with library books.
3.  Don't leave books where pets might be able to chew on          them.
4.  Turn the pages carefully so the pages don't get torn.
4.  Keep them in your backpack when you're not reading them.
5.  Always return them to school on time.

Parents,  please help your children practice these procedures so that we all have lots of great books to check out and read!

Click on the link below for more library information!

Jennie Wilmes,
Oct 2, 2018, 12:52 PM
Jennie Wilmes,
Oct 2, 2018, 12:52 PM