Bring Me To Life

Welcome. This page is about my piano cover on Evanescence's song named Bring Me To Life.
You probably got here from YouTube anyway, but here's the video, just in case:

Sheet music

Ever since I uploaded this cover video, I've been constantly requested to create both sheet music and a tutorial on playing the cover.
By now, I only managed to create the sheet music. Hopefully, you will find it useful.
By the way, if you are going to play my version anywhere, I expect you to mention me as the cover's author :)


The PDF can be downloaded here or here. You can also view it online.


When you try to learn this sheet music, I advice that you also watch the video to ensure that you're getting it right. In my opinion, the most difficult places are the following:
  • The main melody right after the intro. It interweaves with the second voice in the right hand. So I marked the main melody notes with marcato dashes.
  • The chorus melody where Amy sings: "Wake me up inside" and "Before I come undone". At these measures, the melody notes in the right hand are located kind of in between the left hand's chords. Hence the complex rhythm.


As you probably realized, this piano version does not include the "rappy" part which starts with Ben Moody's words: "All this time I can't believe I couldn't see". Also, some parts are slightly different from the original song. All of this was done intentionally to make it sound better on the piano—from my point of view, of course. If you want to play anything differently, you are free to do so :)