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December 2010 Newsletter

posted Dec 9, 2010, 8:14 AM by LaVonne Young

The snow is softly falling & the Christmas feast of gluten free food is calling.  Our next meeting is Dec 21st (I know it’s the week of Christmas) but we needed to keep that date at our meeting place.  This will be our 2nd annual cookie exchange for those that can make it. Last year we had a huge turnout & lots of delicious cookies to choose from. Since my husband will be spending the day at the hospital & I won’t be able to bring him home till around 7-8 p.m. that night, I will not be attending but please feel free to come & enjoy the cookie exchange & meeting.

 Recently, I had the experience of being in the ER of Sanford Hospital at Worthington, Minn after wiping out on black ice.  The nurse did not know what Celiac Disease was but the Dr did so that was encouraging, they treated us to a free meal in the cafeteria after calling down to tell them I needed gluten free.  The food was very good.  Then the hospital paid for a taxi to take us to the Holiday Inn Express plus gave us a gift card for Ground Round (which shared the parking lot with the Holiday Inn).  When we arrived at the restaurant, I asked if they had a Gluten free menu & yes, they did!!  The food was very good and reasonable (we ate there a 2nd night) before we could rent a car to come home.  We were on the way to my brother’s funeral in Montana but never made it, the car was totaled, rolled onto the roof in the ditch - we only had minor injuries.

Our pizza night at the Oostburg Pizza Ranch was a big success, the crusts that were donated by “Still Riding” company were larger than the average pizza crusts and tasted just like the “reg” crusts, the toppings were so good.

Thanks to Lori Veldkamp from the Pizza Ranch & Liz Silverman from “Still Riding” pizza crusts for a great night out.

I’ve heard that Festival Foods  will be going into the old Wal-Mart store on Taylor Dr  - let’s hope that it’s true, how great that would be.  If you liked to call Festivals to tell them how much you’d like them to come to Sheboygan the number is 920-645-6880 (Manitowoc) or call the mayor’s office etc.  The radio has talked about it, but officially it is not in the papers so it must not be a sure deal yet.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season, eat safely and remember that the Jan meeting will be the Holiday meal at “The Bull” Jan 18th,2011 (details will follow). What I do know is that the cost will be kept at $25 per person, coffee & dessert included.. Drinks are extra, the meal is at 6:30, social hr from 6 -6:30 for those who would like it.