Offering private trumpet and brass lessons in South Utah Valley.

Shawn Shearer is a professional trumpet player with decades of experience in trumpet performance and private teaching.

Why Take Lessons

By taking private trumpet lessons, you are giving yourself the best chance at enjoying your moments as a musician. I will give you 100% of my attention and expertise to guide you into the best brass player you can be.

Every great musician has taken private music lessons at some point in their lives. Any one of them will tell you they are very glad they had the kind of one-on-one instruction that helped them develop the ability to play with skill and efficiency and a love of their instrument.

Private Lessons Will Change Your Musical Life

Private trumpet and brass lessons will enhance your playing skills so you can master your instrument!

There's no question about the benefits of private trumpet and brass instruction - you will become a better player much faster. Your brass instruction will give you the tools you need to develop in ways you can't by yourself or in a group.