The Story of One Ancient (increasingly fit) Guy 

 One of the lovely things I've learned from almost sixty years of living is that the various aspects of our lives represent a beautifully interwoven tapistry, a story if you will.

My story, the story of Sheamus J. MacLean... personal, family, work, travels, successes, failures and interests goes something like this:

You might enjoy the story of my professional life and working experiences

Nationality and Upbringing... I was born in the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada, the eldest of four children. My father and mother (now deceased) of celtic ancestry. My Dad of Highland Scots ancestry with his family coming to Canada as a result of the Scottish Highland Clearances which occured in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. By the way of a note of interest, Dad's first language was Gaelic. My Mom's family Irish, coming to Canada in the mid-nineteenth century as a result of the Potato Famine in Ireland. Both of my parents were serving officers in the Second World War.

Personal... Father of eight (now grown) amazing children and single parent for a while, and just super, three lovely grandchildren. Married young, ended in divorce after twenty years... Yikes that hurt. A few years later, a whole lot more than very fortunate to meet and marry an extraordinary woman, fifteen marvelous years together so far and I want to make it fifty. Should be easy because heck... I only have to make it to age 95!

A few values of importance to me... Integrity, courtesy, kindness, respect, worthy objectives to accomplish, commitment, competence in one's work, getting the job done, and lifelong learning.

A few of the situations and relationships from which I quickly extricate myself... Unkindness, political players of all stripes, advocates of the status quo, and people with a demonstrated lack of commitment.


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