Creating a Profitable Company

Gasp... Oh... A Bit of Business "How To" Knowledge from an Ancient (increasingly fit) Guy


This collection of linked pages has been created for those very special people, the young and not-so-young, who want to create and grow a profitable company.

For example: 

  • Do you have a great idea that you want to turn into a profitable company?
  • Do you have a product or service, or products and services, that you want to turn into a profitable company?
  • Do you have an existing company that you want to grow and improve?

It is fondly hoped that this labor of love will be found useful for those who have answered "yes" to any one of the above three questions.

You will note:

  • Please feel free to click on the various links on the right-side of the page in order to discover useful ideas and "how-to" information that will help you in creating and growing your profitable business.
  • The words,"you" and "your" are used throughout... This is because profitable companies are created and grown by people.
  • This collection of pages is a "work in progress" and as such it will develop in richness over time. So please be patient. Also,  please feel free to send an email with any specific ideas, questions or suggestions you may have, and where humanly possible, I'll do my best to address them here in this collection.
  • Of course, respect of authorship and confidentiality will govern all communications.
  • Eventually this work may be converted into a proper website including a blog, wiki and other goodies.
  • Lastly, this collection of pages is organized by topic and/or by topic sub-page, with each page addressing a single subject.

Oh, by-the-way, did I mention... Have some fun!



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