Lesson 4 , 5 - Physics and VPython

By the end of these two lessons you will:
- download and install a programming language called Visual Python
- complete the introductory tutorial to learn the basics of the language (see attached document)
- change the tutorial so that you have a ball that starts from a certain height and falls to the ground

This video shows you how to download Visual Python

Download Visual Python

This video shows you the basics of how to use Visual Python

Introduction to Visual Python

Where to Go

1. You will first need to download Visual Python by going to http://vpython.org/
2. Follow the directions to install Visual Python on your computer. 
3. Once you have done this. Your first goal for today is simple: go ahead and complete the VPython_intro (see Attachments)


- Complete the tutorial by typing and running all the commands you are told to
- Do the following to the tutorial program
    i. modify the box so that you only have a floor. 
    ii. make the ball fall vertically until it reaches the floor
- Create a new webpage that links to your biography. The requirements for the webpage are listed in the attachment called Requirements.VPython

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