Lesson 1 - Introduction

Because this course is online, you need to become familiar with the online tools for this class. 

By the end of this lesson you will:

- obtain a gmail account if you have not already.
- join our Google Group and get a Dropbox account
- create a website that tells us a little bit about you
- share your website with the rest of the class.

Where to go

1. Create a gmail account. You can use this for Google Sites too.
2. Join our Google Group.
3. In the Google Group. Read the Post called Dropbox account and do what it says. 
4. Go to Google Sites and Build your Webpage. (See "Deliverables" below)

This video shows you the basics of creating a site

Basics of Creating a Site

This video shows you the basics of how to use Google Sites

Google Sites


For the website you should have:
- A Brief "Bio" and Picture
- 3 words that describe you 
- 3 colleges you plan to apply to with links. Even better if you have logos.
- 3 books that you have recently read with links to those books on Amazon
- OR: 3 movies you have seen with links to trailers or description
- Your favorite quote and why it's meaningful to you and a link to the person who said it

- Once you are done, share your website with SHCPAPphysics10@googlegroups.com so that we can see your website

Example Website
An example of the kind of thing I am looking for can be found in the left sidebar. Click the link on this website below Meet Your Instructor