Lesson 2: Asking for and giving opinions

So, do you think it’s a good idea?


Talking Point: What is the difference between a fact and an opinion?


Dialogue 1

Conversation 1 (DAVE)

A:  So Dave, what do you think makes a good friend?

B:  Well for me, a friend is someone who is good fun to be with.

A:  Hm…fun to be with? Can you give me an example?

B:  I like friends who like to go out and have fun 
      together – go down town, go to the beach, 
      see a movie, something like that.

A:  So….does that mean a friend has to like the same things you do?

B:  No…not really, just that they have a fun personality. 
      You know, fun to be with whatever we do.

Dialogue 2

Conversation 2 (LAURA)
A:  So, do you have lots of friends?

B:  I guess so.

A:  What do you think makes a good friend?

B:  Hah…good friend….well, a good friend helps you 
     when you have a problem.

A: Hmm…do you think that’s the most important thing?

B:  Yeah, friends help each other. I really think so.

A:  Well, what kinds of problems does your best friend help you with?

B:  Well, that’s kind of personal.

Dialogue 3

Conversation 3 (STANLEY)

A:  Some people say friends are always honest with each other. 
     Do you agree?

B:  I completely agree. Friends need to be completely honest. 
     One little lie and the friendship just disappears.

A:  Ah, that’s pretty strong language. Do you really think that?

B:  Yeah. Once, one of my good friends lied to me. 
      He was a really good friend, and I just felt completely betrayed. 
      It destroyed the friendship.

Language Focus

Asking for opinions                                Giving Opinions

Do you think that….?                              I agree / I don’t agree.

What do you think about….?                  I think so / I don’t think so.

What’s your opinion on….?                    I believe that / I don’t believe         


Do you believe that…..?                         I’m not sure / Maybe.

Is that right / correct?                              For me, it’s important     


Do you think it’s a good idea that….      In my opinion…. 

Let’s speak English!
Get in your groups and practice these conversations.


Conversation 1

A:  So, do you think that Bangkok is a great place to live?

B:  I believe that, yes. Food and clothes are very cheap and it’s easy to
      travel around the city.

A:  What do you think about the idea that there are too many people
      living in Bangkok?

B:  I don’t think so. There are a lot of people but the city is always busy
      and exciting.



Conversation 2

A:  What’s your opinion of smoking?

B:  I’m not sure. For me, it’s important that children do not smoke.

A:  But do you think it’s a good idea that people can 
     smoke in shops and buses?

B:  I don’t think so. Children use buses too.

A:  So what do you think about stopping smoking everywhere in Bangkok?

B:  Maybe.