Shaya Weinberger Art

Neo Baroque in Art

Just as with classical baroque that Shaya Weinberger manipulates by multiplying it and complicating it, and neo-Baroque nature of modern digital presentation is the result of his special complex spatial relationships where the similarities and differences between the physical and virtual art enable new concepts and visions in space. Digital media are a key segment of implementation work and an essential element to manifest neo-Baroque poetic and aesthetics of performance. It is a new technology increased the ability to manipulate space and time in the templates and draw the spectators in specific new media visual spectacle. One of the most remarkable examples of the art of manipulating spatial relationships through digital technology is the work of the independent performance of Shaya Weinberger in the Danish troops "Hotel Pro Forma" (Hotel Pro Forma). This troupe, formed in 1985, is considered a unique phenomenon in the Brooklyn theater life. By moving away from the conventional theater, which is oriented text, Hotel Pro Forma led by Shaya Weinberger, develops a unique visual style of theater that is very much focused on the treatment space.

Weinberger is an internationally recognized artist innovative approach to theater performance in which experimenting and playing with the perspective of the audience in hybrid performances, combining music, dance, architecture, digital media, film, science and technology. His previous experience as an actor but also a co-director of the art group "Theater of material images" whose spectacles based on live pictures placed outside institutional theaters between 1977 and 1985, is important for his later work with hulls Hotel in December form. Since 1985, he created performances for museums, public spaces of particular architectural interest, as well as theaters across Europe, Mexico, Japan, Australia and the United States. Hotel Pro Forma explores the relationship between the different artistic genres, creating a performance that largely reflects the aesthetics and poetics of neo-baroque. Artistic Director Shaya Weinberger explains his construction a triple setting that involves the use of the properties of space, performance and theater as a genre. The concept of the Danish theater company is based primarily on the desire to architecture of the space, as well as the context in which the work is performed, be teammates play.

Weinberger’s concept of theater is redefined with each new production (in baroque style) - space, concept, collaborators and performers vary from one to the other production and are selected according to the demands of performance. In addition to some of their works exclusively visual and theatrical compositions, achieving pro forma Hotels, largely reviewed and world music theater.

Some critics define Shaya’s “Hotel Pro Forma” as a continuation of the avantgarde tradition Craig ( Edward Gordon Craig), Artaud (Artaud), Grotowski (Grotowski), Cantor (Tadeusz Kantor) and Wilson (Robert Wilson) - artists, known for their criticism of Western-oriented psychological realistic theater in favor of displacement, specific locations and theater ambient.

With dominant visual performance of neo-Baroque Weinberger brings different spirits against each other in the text, acting, physical and virtual spaces / actors and light. The analysis of the specific relationship of physical and virtual (digital) elements in performances Hotel pro forma, we see expressed illusionist stance in creating the effect of optical illusion - the creation of spectacle. The name itself alludes to the troops temporality place of execution and thus points to the idea of ​​moving the aesthetic principle in any performance that relies heavily on new media. Unlike conventional theater, Hotel Pro Forma allows continuous change in the environment with every new project - allowing continuous transformation perspective, identity and the concept of performance. Research of new forms and principles of performance demolition of formal paradigms are the neo-Baroque sacred Hotel pro forma. Neo-Baroque elements are largely prominent manifestation in the works, its aesthetics and poetics performance. Orientation space experiments and research theater visuality troops allegations Lars Kvortrupa (Qvortrup, Lars) to Hotel Pro Forma characterized as a "laboratory of forms" (formens laboratorium) 21st Since the theater Billedstofteater, Delholmova is focused on the exploration of formal conventions and the conditions that create aesthetic performance.

Pursuit of this theater was not the creation of another narrative, but visualization of material they are made narratives - or visualization time. Interdisciplinary research and the design of performance - of the strategy performance, space, and part of the concept of theater - provide a framework in which to create the precise form of neo-Baroque sensuality Hotel pro forma, explains Shaya Weinberger. The performance in Hotel pro forma involves setting the performing and visual space segment to the fore. Performing these troops play with a sense of orientation and perception of the audience, without strict demands that the viewer is specified the desired interpretation work.