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Module: Finding Volumes of Rectangular and Triangular Prisms

In this Unit we will be finding volumes of different shapes Particularly Rectangular Prisms and Triangular Prisms. Follow the instructions bellow to complete this module. There is a total of 6 steps to this module.  

STEP 1: Click on Lesson plan link and download the PDF File and complete the worksheets.
            This will be turned in to me.  
                                     Lesson plan

STEP 2:  Work on the additional additional problems for the Rectangular Prisms. 
                                    Volume of Rectangular Prisms

                                    Rectangular Prism Worksheet

STEP 3:   Bellow is a Geogebra Applet.  Play around with the sliders to see how different sizes change the volume.  (click on the link below the applet if the applet does not display properly.)


STEP 4:  Below is a video for additional help on finding volume for rectangular prisms.  

Rectangular Prisms

STEP 5:  Work on the additional problems for Triangular Prisms.

                        Volume of Triangular Prisms

                     Triangular Prism Worksheet

STEP 6:  Below is a video for additional help in finding volume for Triangular Prisms.

YouTube Video