Food Science

My name is Shawn. This is where all of my projects for my food science class this year. Expect to see my personal reflections on the projects that I do.

This class about the Art and Science of food and food prep combining research and experimentation with ingredients, tools, and techniques from the world of foods. THIS IS NOT A COOKING CLASS! But there is sometimes cooking involved.

The Activities in this class are completing food safety activities and follow all applicable rules related to course topics. We also do some research on ingredients that make foods change flavors, and how to increase the AMP or in other words flavor. We will be doing projects on many different types of food and researching the science behind the flavors.

Things that I have done in this class already have taught me a whole bunch about food, like I have made a presentation/interactive demonstration for sourness, and finding new ways to prepare food, and ways to just blow your mind with a whole bunch of flavors.  And if you were asking why my background is skittles then you now know what my favorite snack is.

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