A shot of what I'm working with.  Now who says I don't know my niche?

check out! 

I'm a poor college student - this has been established numerous times before. Take a look at the following picture as I explain what's in my rig.

Acer Aspire 3620 Laptop - About $600 at time of purchase. Has survived one year and maybe, just maybe, it'll make it two. P.S. Avoid the Celeron like the plague.

HP Printer/Scanner/Copier 1410v - Has not failed me - yet. Tends to jam on occasion, but I don't use it that much so these moments are rare.

Dell Axim x30 (behind laptop, out of sight) - WiFi, Bluetooth, this thing might be my favorite gadget. My campus is pretty well covered in WiFi so I can keep up with email and news feeds while walking to classes. Also nice for jotting quick notes.

Newspaper - My on-campus apartment building puts out free copies of the school's paper, the local paper and a number of famous nationally-read papers. It's nice to read text on paper every once in awhile, and some stories offer great ideas for posts. home