Shawnee Clothing

     The Shawnee made their clothing, and most of it was made from animal skins or fur.  Shawnee women wore skirts with leggings to keep warm and the men mostly wore leggings.  Shirts were not usually worn in the Shawnee culture.  Both men and women wore ponchos in the cooler weather.

This is a picture of Shawnee clothing (The man on the left is a Shawnee.)

     The Shawnee sometimes wore beaded headbands with a few feathers.  Most Shawnee had long hair, but the warriors sometimes shaved their heads into Mohawk style.  Many painted designs on their faces and some even had tribal tattoos.

This is a picture of a Shawnee warrior. He has the face paint and feathers.

 Today, most Shawnee wear the same type of clothing as everyone else, but they wear traditional outfits for special events.