Shawn Bartholomae

Shawn Bartholomae started his Journey With Pro AK

At the last time, Shawn Bartholomae, serves a great quality and proper service with his Silver Tusk Oil. And still now he is one of the senior partner of Silver Tusk Oil and Gas. In last few years, Silver Tusk become one of the best oil and gas investment company in USA.. He is being inspired by seeing the success of Silver Tusk Oil. And Now offering royalty program with Pro Ak. At now Shawn Bartholomae is the CEO and managing member of Pro Ak. Hope as like as Silver Tusk, we will find out a great service from Pro Ak. Pro Ak is located in Dallas. And this is a good news for the people of Dallas, who is interested to invest in oil and gas. But Pro Ak providing his service not only in dallas but also world wide.

Shawn Bartholomae
, A successful entrepreneur who built
 Prodigy Oil and Gas in 2001. Shawn’s vision with Prodigy Oil and Gas  gave investors an opportunity to grow their investment without the hassle and minimal risk. His effort, hard work and dedication helped the company prodigy Oil and Gas to grow exponentially. Prodigy’s  recent success in the state of Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska on Oil and Gas drilling as well as investment on commodity with the help from a team of experience and excellence strengthen Shawn Bartholomae. If you have any questions or comments you may go to and for the company’s info contact directly and get all updates from Prodigy Oil and Gas.                                                                                           

Shawn Bartholomae observes Texas petroleum and the water issues

The drought continues in Texas. As the concerned parties take stock of the situation, it becomes clear to Prodigy Oil and Gas CEO Shawn Bartholomae that the Texas petroleum business is doing and has done its part to help the state through its tough times.


Lawmakers in Texas had taken an unusual step in the passage of laws pertaining to a major issue. Usually when a state or body of lawmakers tackle an issue, they lay the money on the table and then start the processes to determine how the money will be divided among the various entities.


Shawn Bartholomae is aware of Proposition 13, passed in Texas, and reversed these steps. The laws, pertaining to water issues and how they might be best addressed and to what purposes the money will be spent was passed with no money in sight. A good sound body of laws that was far sighted enough to address the issues for decades was passed. Then came the money.

 During the regular session, the Legislature passed several bills. These were designed to tap into surplus funds in what is called the Rainy Day Fund. Shawn Bartholomae is aware that this plan not only funded the water but generated a surplus of $900,000,000 to fund the State Water Plan, as well as other road, port and rail infrastructure projects desperately needed. The State of Texas is adding an average of 1000 persons a day to its population through immigration. The oil and gas industry forms the basis and support for the state’s rapidly growing economy. 


 The State Water Implementation Fund (SWIFT) that will contain $2.5 billion to fund projects in the State Water Plan;

Along with the funding of critical water projects, the industry is leading the way in innovation to preserve the water and to greately reduce the amounts of water needed for its own operations.