Let's Help Shawna Get Better!

As most of you know Shawna Kilbert has been battling a very aggressive form of Cervical Cancer. She is an amazing mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and truely an inspiration to all that know her.

Shawna is really good about posting entries into her care page to update us on her current conditions and doctor visits. Here is the latest entry from her Care Page:

     "Absolutely devastating news! My Doctor’s appointment did not go well today. The Cancer has spread to my liver .(so now it’s in my liver, pelvic area and lungs.) All the tumors in my body are larger and now in my lymph nodes in my lungs. I did all of that Chemotherapy for nothing and I have never felt so bad. The Doctor wants to put me on a trial drug along with another Chemotherapy. The drug he wants to put me on I would get every two weeks and Chemotherapy every week. The trial drug he want to put me on cost about 2000 a treatment. My insurance will not pay for it because it has not been recommended for my cancer type. We are seeing if the pharmaceutical company will help out. If we have to pay for it out of pocket we will. It’s basically my last chance. The Doctor told me if I stopped treatments today I would have 6 to 9 months to live but that could also happen with doing Chemotherapy. My cancer is aggressive! As my Mom, Dad and Dan sat in the Doctors room with me, I felt numb. Tears just ran down my face and even as I am typing this. ( I just can’t stop crying) I need to start writing letters, do videos etc. How am I supposed to do all of these things, live everyday like it’s my last and prepare to say goodbye to my boys.? They won’t even know who their mom is. With everything I do in life it’s 100 percent. I still have so much I want to do with my life. So I need to get busy living or get busy dieing. I will not give up but it’s hard not to get depressed. I have seen myself slip into a little bit of depression over the past few weeks and I’m hoping I don’t let it take over.
     I can remember ever since I was four years old all I ever wanted is to be a mother. It has been the most wonderful gift I have ever been given. I needed a distraction after my appointment so we picked the boys up and headed to Chucky Cheeses. I was carrying a heavy heart for everyone, I needed something light hearted for the boys. I never cry in front of the boys but today I just could not help it. Poor little Logan kept saying Mommy you not feeling well. And then he was trying to get Dan to get me ice cream as my 5 year old started singing God is bigger than the boogieman he is watching out for you and me. Laughter came out of my mouth for a brief moment. I don’t know what I would do without my boys. They keep the fight in me alive! As if this week wasn’t bad enough Friday March 7th would have been the baby that I miscarried one year birthday. My world is so sad right now I feel as if I can barely breath.
    In two weeks (March 22) I will be turning 33 years old and I’m afraid of my birthday. The thoughts that are going through my mind is this my last birthday and is this the year my tomb stone is going to read that I died. This is so sad! I feel sorry for my self, Dan , my children, our families, my friends that everyone that is affected by this in some way or another. It’s just not fair!
     I still am asking that everyone please pray for a miracle. We all need to stay positive that will also help me in this fight for my life. I love all of you and want you to know that your support means the world to me."

To read more of Shawna's entries, you can visit her Care Page:, and search for: ShawnaLynn32

Shawna and her family have had to endure so much, including steep medical bills. As you have read, Shawna is going to try this new drug that is very costly. If you would like to help donate to Shawna's cause, please click on the link below so we can get her well and she can help raise her children!!