Welcome to the SHAW MOBILE FITNESS training site!  Here you will find information on all the services we offer, both internally and externally, as well as schedules, resources and policies, and the latest announcements so you always know what's available, trendy, and benefiicial to your health. 

“Providing physical fitness to everyone regardless of physical or geographic barriers”.

You can request to register for a training session, advertising, cobranding, sponsorship, career opportunities, performance enhancement tools (professional performance videos and audio performance music) and any course through our online form.  Don't hesitate to contact the professionals on our training team should you have any questions. 

Advantages to the client

Convenience for clients:

Older clients

Impaired clients

Rural clients, clients that might have limitations in getting to preferred equipment

Time; convenience for training sessions, travel

Money; costs for membership fees, maintenance

Security; for client, supplies

Geographic: Gym location or transportation for the client. Services by trainer or location.


Psychographic: physical limitations

Extrovert/introvert or personality types

Learning styles that enhance or are compatible with training

Inventory cost

Ways to reduce inventory cost

Rental equipment


Partner investors

On demand

Marketing partnerships

Reduction of gym rental space costs

Vitamin suppliers

herbal supplement suppliers

Target Online stores that have less market visibility

Aquatic suppliers

Gym equipment

Wardrobe/sports gear

Athletic sponsorship, pro player/sports affiliates/ performance music supplies

Athletic/sports medicine/physicians

Athletic scholarship sponsorships/Scholarship donations

Charity sponsorship/global investment opportunities. Global accounts, national accounts


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