Shadowkats Kajukenbo and Jujitsu

Quality training for an affordable cost $35/month..

 WELCOME to the Shadowkats Martial Arts Club website, here you will find all the information you need about our club and its membership.  SMAC is located in Maple Hts Ohio, a suburb on the southeast side of Cleveland,  and is Affiliated with the Northern California Head Quarters Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute/Grand Master Emil Bautista and Professor Jesse Corpus in Northern California.  Students who train in Shadowkat Kajukenbo/Jujitsu will be well rounded martial artist with striking,throwing and ground fighting skills.


Kajukebo Self Defense

             Self Defense Format is designed to teach students how to respond against a non compliant opponent with no rules (street techniques) in an efficient manner. 

             Sport Format is designed to teach student to work in an environment with rules; the student will learn how to co-operate while developing a competitive spirit (Child, Junior, and Beginner Adults Classes).
Fitness and Balance is a part of all classes for all students because  being active promotes a healthy BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.

Jujitsu Sport

Good Luck Sifu Settles at the 2013 Combat Sports Games in St. Petersburg,  Russia  Oct 24th, 2013
Shadowkats MAC is the TOP Sports Jujitsu fighting club in US. Training home of Instructor Leonard Settles who is the 2012 Pan American Champion and the only US fighter to qualify for the 2013 World Games in Jujitsu fighting and Ne-waza (BJJ).