Pay For The Experience Provided

Valuing The Reader Experience $25.00

See also the separately defined Pay For Value Obtained. The measure of success for any writer is illusive since no one is present to measure to minute levels the gradual changes any person who reads the writer's work feels when they read something they like or even dislike while in either fashionable reaction changing too in how that actually elevates their own awareness then even when they unduly feel they are being horrified instead. The amount paid can be bulked up for cases of multiple uses or readers as would be assumed for consumer oriented business use by using Quantity and Update to adjust the total to be paid. 

Business use is not normally presumed since it would also incorporate income production that may in fact be undeservedly enriched by using any part of any concept or knowledge that we transfer through our content presentation should any part of what we did provide be used to develop business processes of products or services that generate benefits in any manner customary reflection upon that then shows that improvements in profits or losses are justified on the basis of discovering concepts or knowledge that we transferred in any way. The realization of net earnings regardless of a conveyance fee customary and usual to be purveyed and assumed may trigger in itself an obligation to report as gross income the total value in dollars of actual value earned which for our cases of concepts and knowledge transfer are from one hundred thirty five percent (135%) to as much as one hundred sixty five percent (165%) of the gross income increases realized. The obligation to report total actual realized gain in dollars is subject to recapture and restatement of net actual total gross income after proper arbitrage of the gains then reported to net out in the recapture any proper payments due from any forgotten negotiation how ever proper compensation to us as the true originator of any concept part or whole used to receive enrichment was overlooked. In the event this entire paragraph is considered a novel use in any way reasonable and customary compensation for its worth would be assumed as due too.

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