Fan Pail (Value Exchange)

About Fan Pail

The passing of the hat or the basket usually in a festive or gathering place where a good artist demonstrates their taste by creating for the audience a memory in sound or still expression was our inspiration for our coinage of the expression Fan Pail and any similarity to exactly these words if occurring before our date indicated for our canvas of words of the same name could only be coincidental as we did not allow any one else's work to influence us in our own creative endeavor. The pail is the hat metaphor too as we did not want anyone to feel the hat was small as a basket is often larger but not our first thoughts at all for how to concept the concept of contributing money to our advancing requirement for more money the story of how low our reserve has become is also about how the value of what became of our becomes affects everyone in California and often times as we will note reading about what became and then what can become for each of every reader too is a value received and perhaps room for giving back some too.

Fan Pail is our original idea and became a concept on 31 August 2011 when our creative canvas of words of the same name poured out of our mind as we wondered how to create a catchy way to allow each and every fan dollar holler to us so that we could appreciate as we know in a way we could show.

Our featured payment choice to increase our enthusiasm for your appreciation by also allowing a easy way to count your excitation each payment of one dollar of course can be increased in quantity to have more voting power in appreciating the direction our writing is taking our hope to convey even to others as we find how to show our numbers since Facebook never thought about allowing us to count for ourselves and display the number of completely completed deposits of one dollar or more to fill our fan pail and remove our dollar hollow." From our Facebook People Michael Urquhart Shaw experimental store Fan Pail Item August 31, 2011 in the Photos Shop album

The financial transaction incurs a barter exchange5.

5 Each barter exchange choice of one, five or ten dollars can be increased in quantity to sum to a larger whole amount. Entering 25 as the quantity for the menu item Ten Hale Hallows the $10 dollars choice in the payment window provided after clicking on Pay Now sums to $250.00. 

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