Appreciate Freely™

About Our Appreciate Freely™ Payment Rationale In Grant Continuing Work Or Legal Aid To Incorporate Any Costs To Provide Equal Opportunity To Pursue Legal Rights

Appreciate Freely™ is our method of creating a way around how not to create a check writing process we did not like by adopting a process of existing methods provided by PayPal to check write online as we note our inclusion of this donation concept for how to ante up and pay our kneady way of being kneady in every way since we are actually writing about current events and how men are obliterated by law enforcement people largely men in California using a simple obscene idea created when California and other states needed to accentuate the values of the female specie in terms of granting them special rights of being equal which they already were but not enough for staunch female impersonators actually gendered as females but trained to behave and think like men which they could except that men actually think logically by deducing how females are thinking since they have to be better at it for the process entailed in being able to acquire them in matrimony ritual which is a biological propensity innate in men and kept into step by even stallions with their mares but not necessarily in primates as a whole specie of general specifics such as apes and their own collective nature which we assume is a single male primate and always a plurality of female partners in a hierarchy in terms of rank order represented by a harem. 

As we note our discoveries about innate concepts of higher form of life science concepts we gravel with the worse and the best in terms of what men and woman are to each other and how they rank in relative importance in how they even rank importance our showing of our case issues and ordeal of being subjected to onerous ideas of baiting men and then pouncing on them by saying "ha ha so you are behaving inappropriately" but using words that instill in others violent nature and abusive standards and patterns using ready made terminology that female judges and frankly less man like male judges react to in such a horror that no one has to be in court to cite the constitutional requirements anticipated as they simply restrain men every time while catapulting the women in the marriage immediately into new territories to be raped in mind and body by both men and now women freely making themselves available in a feeding frenzy of lust and control exploiting the women's own fall from the grace of her own husband as we explained in different at length discussions beginning with our Facebook published material all for the penchant of police people and social welfare miscasts and largely female judges coached by deputes through long term behavior training to the task of discipling any man to be repentant and always to freely admit any charge even those in seventy three percent of cases that are completely unfounded as in our case since California deviancy is its deviation from ideas of our founding and the freedoms to create lives that last and surpass even problems that can be solved in our own family nucleus to instead in commune style and in the begging for communisms in our every day life to focus on family dismembering agenda so that those judges can be the parents of all while not worrying about how to make everyone mind other than issuing orders to restrain or to make disappear or to teach lessons not ever needed by those married for more years than an unmarried family court judge or to order the gifting of the wife to another man or to even now women or to suggest offhandedly in all those ways that vexing women can be vexing and swaying in their ideas of politely manipulating vengeance is mine characteristics too to her deputies "can't we please make him feel demeaned? or "Is he dead yet?

The limit per amount written should be six thousand thousand dollars while appreciating the cost that the currently selected payment processor absorbs is designed to reduce that amount for their transaction and overhead in management of tax structures. Due to our living conditions as described we do not have any means to negotiate reduced transaction terms avaiable for our tax case which handles all of our transactions including those obtained through Appreciate Freely using for now our consolidated accounts receivables center registered as a specific for profit tax entity with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

The granting of good will is exchanging the value of the donation in faith for the value of the concept exchanged in faith. mns as also mlu & mlsn

This presentation of Appreciate Freely™ incorporates my method of uniquely describing surrounding contextual detail and this unique watermarking style of signature technique can be seen in customary production throughout my presentations of legal matters too.

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