You can arrive as early as 2 PM on Thursday. We will depart Alice Eastwood Campground at noon for an optional hike to the summit of Mt. Tam.

A more detailed schedule will be posted soon.

Thursday, May 28 - Friday May 29, 2009

   Hang out, hike, set up camp, help cook if you'd like
5:30pm              Event formally begins
5:45pm              Blessing over Food
5:45-7:15pm      Dinner
7:30-9:00pm      Opening Circle & evening service
9:00-10              1st offering session
10:30-11:30        2nd offering session
Midnight-2         Revelation Ritual
2:30-3:30           3rd offering session
4-5                     4th offering session
5:30-7                 Sunrise service
7:00-8:00am      Closing Circle
8:00-9:00am      Breakfast
9:00-Noon         Hang out, hike, sleep
12:00 Noon       Leave campsite, re-park on Panoramic for hiking
12:00-5:00pm    Hike leaves from Mountain Home Inn parking lot area for summit hike
                          (6.6 miles round trip, 1671 ft. elevation gain)

If you'd like to put an offering on the schedule, please follow the information on how to propose a teaching.

After Havdallah
Pesach in the Desert 2009
Photo by Jeff Levy

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