Co-Creating the Celebration

This event is designed on a cooperative model of service to co-create a beautiful and rewarding community experience. We all contribute to the dynamic shape of our time together. By inviting the gifts of each person's participation, we hope to experience the strength of our interdependence and recognize all of our unique gifts.

Everybody Has a Role
For Shavuot, each of us will contribute in some way to the event... either the week before (shopping or preparing food), coming early the day of the event to help set up or prepare food, or by doing a fun volunteer shift on site (anything from helping to prepare or clean up after meal, to tending the fire, to making hot tea in the wee hours of the morning). You'll be able to let us know when you can help when you register.

The Shavuot Planning Committee consists of Elizheva Hurvich, Heidi Winig, Julie Wolk, Zelig Golden, Cyrise Beatty, and
Naomi Robinson. Please thank them for their service!
If you would like to give a teaching for Shavuot, please refer to the Invitation for Offerings page for more on the scheduling of our all night learning sessions.

If you feel so inspired, treat your fellow journeyers to a special homemade treat to help us stay up throughout the night! There will be snacks provided, so this is not required.


Since parking is very limited, everyone will need to pool resources for transportation.
Start of a crew shift
Pesach in the Desert 2009
Photo by NSR


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