Invitation for Offerings

Submission Deadline: May 18, 2009
You can download the application at the bottom of this page.

Offer Your Knowledge, Wisdom, and Leadership at Shavuot on the Mountain!

On Shavuot (literally “weeks”), we culminate the counting of the omer, which began on the second day of Passover, and we celebrate the Revelation – when we received the wisdom of our tradition while upon the great mountain of Mount Sinai.  

Julie's yoga class
Pesach in the Desert 2009
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Following the long-standing tradition of studying through the night, a kabbalistic tradition that is known as the Tikkun Leil Shavuot (“Completion for the Night of Shavuot”), we will delve into the depths of our collective wisdom and inspiration. Shavuot is truly a communal moment, when all from the community are invited to share what is moving them in this moment.  So, we invite YOU to bring your offering to the community, be it traditional text study (such as the Book of Ruth, Torah, Mishneh, Talmud, or other inspiring texts), music or stories to tell by the fireside, a class on contemporary issues, a workshop to create music, movement or something else that inspires you, or just about anything that you might like to offer to the community.
We invite you to send us a proposal to offer something you are passionate about!  All offerings should align with the following general themes (be it historical, metaphorical or otherwise!): the Shavuot holiday, Bikkurim (Spring harvest of the first fruits), Revelation (whatever that means to you), Inspiration on the Mountain, Earthy Judaism, or however Shavuot inspires you. Additionally, if you are a parent with children or teens, consider offering something for children (all children’s programming will end by 10pm) or teens (all teen programming will end by midnight). 

Submission Deadline:  May 18th, 2009
Notification of acceptance by May 22nd, 2009                                                                      
Offering proposals will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis; due to limited space for offerings, it is likely that not all offerings will be accepted.

Submit your Proposal to

Tips for Submitting a Session Proposal

Be Creative
– Shavuot on the Mountain is a community experience meant to be educationally relevant to the season and the holiday, spiritually rich in alignment with the profundity of this celebration, exploratory in nature as we re-learn how to do Judaism in connection with the earth and the elements, and fun!

Be Interactive
- The more people become involved in what you are teaching, the more people learn.  We invite you to embrace the 50-50 rule – meaning during your offering, you should not be speaking to folks for more than half the time.  Lets be interactive and share!

Offer Something that Excites You - Personal experience and inspiration are great places to start.  If you are excited about what you are offering, it’s likely others will be too!

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