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Last updated 10th January 2016

Dave Shave-Wall - Astrophotography


 Welcome fellow Astronomers,

Since 2004 I have enjoyed astronomy as my hobby. Working my way up from my Skywatcher 5.1" reflector on a very wobbly mount, through the LX200 16" on the Paramount ME and finally now to a superb Officina Stellare RiDK 305mm Corrected Dall Kirkham Astrograph on the Paramount ME II . As you can tell Astronomy is now something that is very dear to my heart and with support of my wife, children, family and friends I will continue to pursue it with a passion. 

I must first thank my close friends for all their patience and teachings. Bob and Brendan for spending months helping build my observatory and teach me everything astronomical. John Murphy (Astrophotographer Extrodinaire!) for all the hours he has given, guiding me through the nightmare that is image processing and encouraging me to image more, and of course all me friends from the Basingstoke Astronomical Society which I have been fortunate to chair during 2006-2008. Amongst these I must mention John Stapleton who has taught me much including how to point my Dob at the night sky :-) thanks John. Recently Tim Powell has helped as I get to grips with PixInsight.

I would also like to mention the Open University, who after 3 years of study (and I have many more still to go) have brought to me knowledge of the universe. Without this I would not understand the 'How' of astronomy which gives me much pleasure. 

If you are interested in knowing what I have observed recently please visit my On-Line Journal from the Navigation sidebar and see what I have been up to!

Well, I hope that you enjoy your time at my website. Please feedback any comments, suggestions you may have, or simply contact me to ask any questions that may come to mind as you browse my site. 

Clear Skies


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