My Writings

The pen is mightier than the sword. But the AK47 carries a bigger punch. 

Occasionally I'll get into the mood to write. That often means I'll put into text my arguments against gun control of all forms. ;-) 


I've recently started reading and writing on the topic of Natural and Common law. I would suggest reading up on the issue. It can change your life. 



 The Right to Keep and Bear Arms 


Introduction to Arguements on the Second Amendment 


Original Intent of the Second Amendment


Refutation of the Collective View 


14th Amendment and Gun Control 


More Guns, Less Crime?

Guerilla Warfare and Liberty


Do I Need a Life? 


Self Defense and the Bible 




The Minimum Wage Myth 


Theology and Religion 


Situational Ethics and the Role of Men and Women (waa?) 


Various Political and Governmental Arguments 


Natural Law 


My Governmental Philosophy (an old position which I no longer hold)


Passion for "The Cause"


The Spirit of Liberty 


Memorial Day 


The Love of Liberty