America's Army

The most realistic FPS ever. 

Check out the AA website right here:


America's Army is a first-person-shooter that was developed by the United States Army to give civilians a taste of tactical combat.



 I play it for a variety of reasons, including the following.


America's Army is incredibly realistic. If you could pull it off in AA you could probably pull it off in real life. Unlike other games, running like crazy through the streets like something from a Rambo movie probably isn't going to help you out any. 

Rather than being a "One-Man-Army" game, it's based on how the combat works for real. Teamwork, patience and a dose of common sense.

Actually, Americas Army allows the use of VOIP, which is a type of "radio" which players can use, such as TeamSpeak. You can talk into a micraphone to buddies in the game, to coordinate attacks, call for a medic, spot enemy units, etc.


America's Army has a huge community. With the ability to communicate with one another, it has a level of commradorie which I have not seen in any other game. That, combined with the combat realism, provides and amazing experience.


I'm a member of the Men of God International "clan." Check us out at  


This just might the most important reason for me playing America's Army. It's absolutely free. That's right, for a copy of the best first-person-shooter you don't have to pay a dime. You can start the download right now here.

If you play, look around for someone named "MoG[Dvs]Ariel" or "[)347H_Gh0$7." That'll be me. :)